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Welcome to the Toadstool Cottage Crafts blog.

Hi I'm Pip and this is my blog about the behind the scenes goings on of my business - Toadstool Cottage Crafts. I've always loved craft and sewing but last year I thought I'd see if I could make it into a business.

This blog is a way of sharing my journey with you the ups and downs the successes and disasters (and there have been a few!). I know it will at least give you something to laugh at, but hope it will provide you with tips and inspiration for your own craft endeavours! If you have a question or something to say just leave me a comment.

Sunday, 5 March 2017

With a Heavy Heart and .....

With a heavy heart and a thickening waistline I have to admit I am longer a size 12.

Very slowly over the years I have ‘grown’ from a size 8, to a 10, and then to a 12 and I don't remember being the slightest bit concerned.

The actual numbers are not important, it is the 'extra' bits that have arrived without an invitation. They have been coming for years but I have been ignoring them. At only 5' 2" these extra bits are now quite noticeable, especially to me.

I admit to having been extremely lucky, I have eaten whatever I wanted all my life. I eat chocolate like there is no tomorrow and still have 2 sugars in all my drinks.

When I stand on the scales I discover that I weigh less than the 'average' for my height, and yet my stomach is too big, my waistline has vanished and my bottom- that I have never really noticed before, has suddenly become quite noticeable!

I am not the shape I want to be!

 As I said the actual numbers are not important, it is the lumps and bumps that are important and all in the most ridiculous places, I mean who knew you could get ‘back fat’? I certainly didn't and what is more I don't want fat there or anywhere else either.

Can you remember that advert that said "If you can pinch more than an inch..."?

Well I can pinch far more than an inch!

I blame Joe Brown for all this.

I do love Joe Browns clothes, they are different and quirky and I just love them. I don't own many of them because they are not all suitable for someone of my age! However I spotted a couple of lovely tops in their Autumn collection but I thought they were too expensive so I waited and waited until their sale and just before Christmas the tops were reduced and I bought them. Naturally I ordered my normal size 12. When they arrived I was bitterly disappointed to find that they were far too tight for me!

I am going to have to do something about my ‘shape’ as I cannot afford to replace my entire wardrobe.

However in the meantime I have decided that I am going to 'alter' my tops  and I have found a lovely dress in the local charity shop which I am going to chop up and use to enlarge one of them. It may take me quite some time.....but I will post an image when it’s done!

Joe Browns have now sent me their Spring catalogue and once again I have found some lovely tops which I couldn't resist. This time I have bought them in a size 14 and they fit me! Soon they will be too big.........I hope!